Monday, January 16, 2012

Be Different!!!

This week’s thought: be different. 
That’s right, folks, I said different.  Distinctive.  Peculiar.  Weird.  How do you know what kind of “different” is good?  That’s entirely up to you.
In my life, I find that I am different from my family.  As a writer, I tend to think a bit eccentrically.  On the other hand, my family thinks in what you would call “normal” ways.  How do I know we think differently?  I talk with them.  sure, I can talk with them about shopping and parties and food (I am a girl, after all) but there are times when I can see they don’t get why I’m saying something. 
I’ve seen myself talk about the newest story/book I’m writing.  My face lights up, my hands become an extension of my mouth (hand-talking, for those of you who don’t know what that is), and a giant smile spreads across my face.  My characters are alive in my head.  My family looks at me like I’m crazy when I talk about how to kill someone in my novel or some character that got kidnapped or some relationship on the pages of my book. 
On the other hand, my older sister’s passion is media.  She’s the media director at our church.  When her face lights up, she’s usually talking about a really cool motion background or the newest video clip on the announcement video or how she melded two sound clips together and made it sound amazing.  Half of that stuff, I don’t get at all.  But it’s what makes her happy.  It’s what makes her different. 
You see, everyone is different in their own way.  so, to answer my earlier question: How do you know what kind of different is good?  It’s not by mimicking someone else that you become different.  And it’s not by remodeling yourself into some eccentric character.  Different is about being YOU.  if you stay true to yourself, to your true character, and to the light inside of you, then the world will see you as different.  It’s a personal choice.  It’s a personal obligation.  Keep yourself grounded and humble, and you will be different in a way no one else can be.  that is what being a good different is all about. 

Quote of the Week:
In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.
- Unknown                             

Fun fact of the week:
If you push your fisted hand together, knuckle interlocking with knuckle, for a full minute, you can feel the magnetic pull as you try to pull them apart. 

Story Starter of the Week:
Bob was an invisible man.  It was a tough life, being invisible.  One day, however, all of that changed.

*what to do with these?  The quote of the week and fun fact of the week are for your personal enjoyment.  The story starter of the week is usually a 1-5 line paragraph to get you started on your own story.  Be creative and don't forget to comment it so I can read them!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What do you love?

Hey, everyone.  I'm Megan, the author of this blog.  If you're reading this, thanks for taking the time out of your day.  This blog was starting primarily because I saw a need for more blogs specifically about Christian Fiction Writing.  Don't let that deter you!  This blog can be useful to anyone and everyone out there.  Just take time to enjoy it!  I don't promise to write daily, because I'm not that close to a computer or smart phone daily.  However, I will try to write weekly.  Please put up with my sporatic writing, but enjoy the days when I do get to it.  Let's get started.
The other day I was watching the 2007 movie "Nancy Drew".  At one part of the movie, she's sitting in the hospital room trying to explain to her father why she's there. 
"I mean, I tried to stop sleuthing," she says, "I really tried." 
You see, when you love something, you can't stop doing it.  She would have stopped sleuthing the day she stopped breathing, if you get my drift.  What do I love to do you ask?  I love to write.  I can't go a single day without writing.  I can't seem to shut my brain off long enough to just be, though I am learning.  I constantly have a story going in my head.  It's useless to try to stop, because I can't. 
So, the question is, what do you love to do?  Do you love to sing?  Dance?  Draw?  And better yet, what are you going to do with it?
My suggestion, if you love to dance, then dance.  If you love to sing, then sing. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do what you love.  I mean, if Leonardo da Vinci had listened to people when they said he couldn't paint, we wouldn't have the Mona Lisa.  If the pilgrims had listened when people told them they were idiots to move to the New World, we wouldn't have the United States of America.  History is made by those that don't let the rest of the world define them.  History is made when people do what they love, and do it well.  And, most of all, history is made by it's future generations.  WE are those future generations.  So go out and do what you love, and do it well.

Quote of the Week!!!!
Do act mysterious.  It always keeps them coming back for more.
-Carolyn Keene                                        

Fun Fact of the Week:
If you lay in a dark room and let your eyes adjust to the light, you will find that you can only see in black and white.  Except, of course, for the lights and well-illuminated objects such as clocks or nightlights.

Story Starter of the Week:
Lizzy stared down the wall at the strange man attempting to weasle his way into her home.

*What to do with these!
The quote of the week and fun fact of the week are purely for your enjoyment.  The story starter, however, is interactive.  It will usually be between 1 and 5 sentences long and will serve as a beginning sentence for a story of your choosing.  Be creative and please don't forget to post the story for me to read!